space playing cards holder


This is an easy to use playing card older.

You need a rubber band to connect part one to part 2 and to secure the cards between them like shown on the pictures. Now you can slide the cards easily between the two parts.

The card holder is for the cards on your hand or to lay them down without floating away.

print settings

                                     part 2                                         part 1, card holder

layer hight:            0,2mm                                                   0,2mm

first layer:              0,3mm                                                   0,3mm

print speed:          55mm/s                                                55mm/s

infill:                         25%                                                         25%

                                    Brimm 4mm                                       Raft 4mm; 4 layers

bottom/top:         1,2mm                                                  1,2mm

overhang angel: 45°                                                          45°

Material:                ABS                                                        PLA

temprature:         240°C                                                    180°C

bed:                          110°C                                                     60°C,

Design Files

File Size

card holder.stl
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playing card holder part 1.stl
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playing card holder part 2.stl
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