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This is a CAD trace of Mark Gottschalk's wood rooster fish originally made on the CNC router or scroll saw.  My grandson saw a picture of it on Pinterest and asked me to make him one, so I made him one out of wood and decided to try it on the 3D printer as well.  It consists of 3 layers 1/8" thick (3.175mm) that you line up and super glue together.  Have fun trying different colors.  The one shown in the pictures was made out of eSun PLA+.   At full scale, you will need a printer bed about 8.5" (215.9mm) wide x 8.25" (209.55mm) deep.  As you can see in one of my pictures, I printed it on an Original Prusa i3 MK2 and had to rotate the middle piece a little bit to get it to fit on the bed.  If your bed is not big enough, you may have to scale it down a little.  The back piece has two mounting holes 5" (127mm) apart if you want to use small nails or pins in the wall to hang it on.

Have fun!

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