This pattern is a cross over from my CNC router wood working pieces.  Even though it is a flat 2D pattern, when it is printed with thickness, it looks nice and will stand up by itself.  Print it flat on its back and it requires no rafts or supports and prints very easily.  At full scale, the piece measures 147.46mm (5.8") wide x 130.48mm (5.14") high x 15.24mm (0.6") high.  The samples in the photo were printed in eSun PLA + with 5 layers top and bottom and 3 layers perimeter.  I thought it would be a nice variation to print one with the infill pattern showing.  This one had 0 top and bottom layers, 3 perimeter layers, and infill of 35% using the fast honeycomb pattern in Simplify3D slicer.  It looks nice hanging on a wall or sits very well on a shelf, counter top or desk and it makes an excellent gift for someone who likes cats.  Besides my ones done in wood on the router, I have printed this in both black PETG and white PLA with excellent results and have given them all away as gifts.  Enjoy!

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