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This is an oval picture frame which holds photos up to 5" x 7" size.  To get the effect of the visible infill pattern you must turn the top layers off in slicer program.  The one in the photos is the 0.5" thick version.  It was printed in white PLA with 5 perimeter layers, 3 bottom layers, 0 top layers and 30% infill with the fast honeycomb pattern in Simplify3D slicer program.  At 200 micron resolution it takes about 5.5 hours to print.  There is a 0.25" thick version as well for those who don't want to wait so long.  The print has a 3/16" hole in the back if you want to hang on a nail or pin.  I have a 250 mm x 205mm bed (Prusa I3) and had to rotate this on the diagonal to get it to fit comfortably at full scale.  There is also a file included for a stand if you want to desk mount the frame.

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Oval Picture Frame(quarter inch thick).STL
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Oval Picture Frame(half inch thick).STL
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