Quick Release Belt Buckle


Need a Quick Release Buckle for your Belts? Download now

This Awesome design is my EDC Belt buckle. I wear it all day and it has never failed.

You can create a great look for your Cosplay or a belt for everyday use.


Intuitive and smooth quick release functionality when you push the Black tabs down at the same time. If just one tab is engaged, the connection will still hold and fully re-lock on its own.


I have finely tuned the design to latch with a nice satisfying click, but never accidently open. Modelled after Austrialpin Cobra buckles, this buckle can withstand a lot of pull force, and look cool, just like in the movies.


·         Quick Release

·         Strong

·         load and carry your gear.


·         Made to suit 38 mm

·         1.5" Leather or webbing strap

·         3 mm filament pins

·         3 mm rubber filament


Designed to use 3mm filament as the pins, to give extra strength. The springs are 3mm rubber filament, which helps the latch to always stay locked. Made to suit 38mm, 1.5" Leather or webbing strap. This will be the best belt you have had, strong enough to take a load and carry your gear.


Our Belt Buckle Bumper features quick and easy installation, making this a protective armor that is easy to print, easy to take off and put back on.

This really is an easy print at .1mm resolution it can be printed within 20 minutes and last a long time as it's designed to be EDC. (Every Day Carry)

Let us know what you will use it for.

Also, if you have any troubles with this print, let us know so we can help.

Design Files

File Size

Latch - 11.stl
2.55 MB
Latch top - 11.stl
2.36 MB
lever - 11.stl
1.91 MB
Tongue - 11 CAL.stl
3.23 MB
Tongue top - 11.stl
2.71 MB


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