iPhone Plus Stand 6 +/6S+/7+/8+/XS+, Apple watch 42mm (iPod)

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Thank you for reading this far, This an awesome stand I had designed it over multiple iterations to create the perfect stand for everyday use. This is the stand I use myself.

Perfectly fits an iPhone XS Plus, 8 Plus, 7 Plus, 6S Plus or 6 Plus even while in a case. Audio Slots enhance the sound with little distortion or increase in frequency. Even Siri can hear you better in this dock.

The Apple Watch side is designed for a 42mm Apple Watch, and unlike most other stands it actually makes use of the bedside clock function of the watch. Check the pictures. :) Just bump the table anytime to light it up. A must for any apple watch owner.

It should be a pretty easy print, just needs some support for the top of the iPod Window. Every other part will print with no support.

Some setting I used are:

Layer height, 0.15mm

Infill, Gradual (Found on the Cura Slicer) Otherwise about 20% is good

Printed with PLA and taking about 12hrs to print on an Ultimaker 2+

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