Red Hood Helmet Batman Version 3

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Red Hood Helmet Batman Version 3 3D print model

A full size Red Hood Helmet, cut for A Prusa/Replicator2/Wanhao size machine, but full uncut's are included also.

Dimensions can be found in the pdf file. The helmet is ~271mm high and ~165mm wide . The hole size is ~154mm wide and ~206mm long.

The back of the helmet might need to be cut out and attached by magnets to fit head depending on head size.

This is a fan-made representation.  We are in no way affiliated licensed  by DC Comics

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Part 1 v3.stl
559 KB
Part 10 v3.stl
950 KB
Part 2 v3.stl
2.54 MB
Part 11 v3.stl
767 KB
Part 12 v3.stl
686 KB
Part 3 v3.stl
4.35 MB
Part 4 v3.stl
703 KB
Red Hood Helmet v3.stl
15.8 MB
Part 5 v3.stl
757 KB
Part 6 v3.stl
939 KB
Part 7 v3.stl
3.32 MB
Part 8 v3.stl
2.77 MB
Part 9 v3.stl
554 KB


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