3x Braille Writing Stylus Punches

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These are a cheap and safe alternative to the braille writing punches currently available and a great way to get kids used to writing in Braille. Punches like these are used in conjunction with cell stencils (or without) to write in brail. These punches are meant to be entirely 3D printed including the punch head. While the heads in the pictures look highly pointed, when printed they will flatten out creating a proper Braille impression. Included are 3 styles, 2 palm stylus punches and one pen-like stylus punch.  These make having multiple punches around the house as easy as starting a print. No need to go through specialty houses or deal with overly sharp metal tips,  just make your own.

These are meant to fit in just about any printer and get good results with stock slicing profiles. Set it to your medium or fine layer setting and try em all. For best results orient all prints with the tip facing straight up away from the bed.

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Braille Stylus.stl
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Braille stylus smooth poly.stl
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Braille punch pen style .stl
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