Braille 3 layer magic cube puzzle

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Please use PVA supports.  You will also need to scale 10x (1000%) and rotate 90 degrees on the X axis (flat side down)


Sorry I couldn't print out the model personal printer was not working and the school computer was in use for math.


The following puzzle cube uses braille instead of colors so that it can be used with visually impaired or blind youth and adults.  It is all one model so that it saves time and hassle that can come with assembling a Rubik's cube.  Fun Fact: this is the first ever designed model for a puzzle cube expected for (print in place) . It is also the first puzzle cube that is 3d printable that uses braille and one of the first braille puzzle cubes period.  It is smaller then normal so that way the person can fit there hand around it better and feel more letters.  This also means that you can print it on even the smallest of printers.  Even the bad, cheap, CD ROM printers. 


The Braille puzzle cube teaches problem solving and even a little math about rotations because you can feel the braille and pieces along the axis.  It can also serve as a sensory fidget toy because it can be turned mindlessly.


I plan on having a model for PIP without PVA filament.  I also plan on adding models so that it can be printed in multiple pieces.

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