March of Robots 2017 - March 03 Robot

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This is the March 03 Robot I created for the 2017 Instagram Sketch Challenge 'March of the Robots' Hosted by DACOSTA! aka CHOCOLATESOOP #Marchofrobots2017

The Instagram Challenge involves drawing a new robot illustration each day for 31 days. Since my artwork is usually created in 3D I opted to do a digital sculpt for each day inside of ZBrush 4R7. After these were created they where then 3D Printed using the Formlabs Form2.  The printed the Robots are 38.1/1.5" in the longest Dimension.  More Images of the other robots I created can be found on Instagram @Piggyson. 

More information on ZBrush and it's usage for 3D Printing can be found here:


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