Blurgha - The Beast

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I have designed Blurgha - The Beast about a year ago . 

The exercise was to try and design a creature that lives in swampy muddy places, where it lives it`s existence by dragging it`s weirdly proportioned body across the muddy slopes of the swamp, barely using it`s lower vestigial feet. Blurgha is a simple minded creature, it feeds, it sleeps and it ages, with no ill intent, it gulps everything in it`s path mindlessly, but contempt. 

As a creature artist working in the gaming industry, I have also made Blurgha into a production model textured and retopologized so that it can run real-time in a game engine. You can see the colored renders for the final result.

My friend Perry Leijten ( was kind enough to 3D print my design for me. Once I saw the 3D print I was baffled by the amazing feeling of holding a physical copy of your digital design in your hand.  I plan to embrace 3D printing more and more and make sure I print all my future designs from now on (as soon as I can afford a printer).

In the meanwhile please enjoy and download my creations for free. (for personal , non commercial use)

Please keep in mind that the tail is fairly long and it requires support so that it does not collapse on itself. 

For more of my work please see or

EDIT:  I have added some older work in progress stage images that show how the creature developed and ended up being what it is. Hope this will prove to be useful for those interested in my design process. 

Thank you for your time, Vick.

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