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Advanced materials designed to deliver beautiful results. Outstanding performance. Excellent detail. Custom-formulated to deliver the highest-quality output, this resin capture astonishing detail without sacrificing strength. Tough balances strength, elongation and transparency making it the ideal choice for light shades.

If you’ve been following our blog or social media, you know that we’re strong supporters of mixing traditional and modern solutions every chance we get. That’s mainly because our channels are full of proof that by combining both worlds in a unique way, you can get astounding effects and become a game changer in your profession or business. Then, there’s also the fact that we like reshaping convention with 3D printed touches, especially when it comes to design. And so do our users. We makes sure that the 3D printed details are very welcome in both your home and office and that they’re there to stay. For good.

They are printed on Form 2 using Tough and White standard resin. While designing this shades we have in mind the technology and way how the object is printed. Trying to avoid any support material and use as less material as possible 60-70ml of material is used to build this structure for about 8 to 10 hours. 

You can use this cord for setting the light on ceiling:


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