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Sister Amelia belongs to an underground group called “Societate de Vânător”. The group is funded by a private company and is not recognized by the government. They have bases all over the world but their main headquarter is in London and it's where Sister Amelia is located. They specialize in investigation of any paranormal phenomenons and giving protection to the victims of these phenomenons.

Sister Amelia's group consists of talented women whom she refers them as her sisters. These women have different skill and background but all of them have encountered some sort of paranormal phenomenon in their life. Some of them even have lost their love ones from unknown dark forces. She joined the group after her sisters found her unconscious near the monastery she was living during one of their missions. The monastery was burnt down when they arrived and no one could explain what happened, not even Sister Amelia who was the sole survivor from that incident. She couldn't remember what happened prior to it or how she managed to survive.

Sister Amelia spent most of her life in a monastery so she had little exposure to the outside world. The outside world doesn't interest her anyway and she prefers to spend her time in the library reading old scriptures and history books. Most of the time, she works behind the scene instead of out on the field but her vast knowledge on history and demonology make her a valuable asset for the group. She has very limited experience in weapon handling but when the London base was attacked by a group of demons, she had no other choice to fight along with her sisters. Even though she's lacking in combat experience, her faith and wit help her overcome any tough situations.

Even though she's 21 years old, she possesses somewhat childish and naive attitude and because of that she gets teased many times by her sisters. Her childlike personality also makes her really gullible. Her sisters even managed to persuade her to wear some questionable combat attire. “It'll give you a major boost on your faith if you wear it” was the only comment she was given. Still, her sisters love her and treat her as one of their family. Now they're on mission to explore a new home for the group and find out who's behind the attack.

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