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The Cyber Simian  was just another chimpanzee until he was injured when being captured as a subject for scientific experiments. They were going to put him down until one of the scientists saw potential in the chimp and used him as subject for his private cybernetics experiments. The scientist had developed various prostheses and he fitted them to the chimp. He gave the chimp a cybernetic eye to replace his ruined left one, a robotic arm substituted his mangled right, two mechanical boots replaced his broken legs and finally the scientist gave the chimp an iron jaw in place of his original, which had been dislocated and practically torn off. In addition to the replaced body parts, the scientist fitted the chimp with a tail that was lined with razor sharp blades and he enhanced the chimp brain with a cybernetic implant to make him more intelligent.

The chimp remembered his injuries and vowed to get his revenge on the poachers who did it to him. He escaped the lab and made it to the jungle where he used to live, using his cybernetic eye he quickly located the poachers and exacted his revenge. He decided that he did not want others to suffer as he did and went back to the scientists lab from where he protects the city's populace and has earned the name, The Cyber Simian.

The print is about 3.2 inches tall and it was printed at a resolution of 100 microns. The model is a single piece so no assembly is required.

Unfortunately the left arm did not print properly and I didn't have time to print another. The hand, which should be on the ground like the other hand, seems to have been printed at shoulder height for some reason and there is no trace of the rest of the arm. There is no residue left in the resin drum which usually happens during failed prints, so I am at a complete loss as to what went wrong.

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