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Just to let You know, I will support this model if you will need additional  help or cuts / parts I will make them and upload them here, or via dropbox. Just write a comment or contact me via message or mail (klicek (at)

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Living near the bottom of the water reservoirs or deep, deep ocean, Squider comes out at night to feed on the villagers living near the shores. His evolution opted for eyes around the body. Once he sees the pray, he quickly ejects deadly tentacles towards his pray without the need to rotate the whole body. After the pray is in his grasp the mouth follows. While underwater, Squider gathers and eats a lot of nasty trash which are digested into pure oil which help him move both on ground and underwater. Slick and fast.

His nasty grin is thought to be caused by the laugh-like sound he makes while attacking.

Squiders are also androgynous. The characteristic hunch protects the pregnancy, as his offspring is developed in the chest area.


Here we have two models, the base and the monster, model is tested and prepared for printing.


Lenght - 14.05cm

Width - 18.23cm

Height - 14.12cm

Hope You like it :)

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