Natalie in Cat Suit


Natalie is a girl from a fantasy land where the people can transform into cat when they put on magical cat suit. They disguise as pet in some chosen family to become the best companion of human being.  GooGoo is a English short hair male cat in  our home, he is sweet, adorable and active cat  we ever live with. And the reason that GooGoo being so lovely is, he is not male but the girl Natalie! At night she would take off the suit and change back to human. Weird but cool, isn't it?

Test 3D printing info

Figure in 153mm height

Hollow shell in 2 mm 

Materiel weight 65g

Printing lead time:~4.5hours

Precision level: 0.07mm per layer

Design Files

File Size Cat tail.stl
3.63 MB Cat figure head.stl
16 MB cat head.stl
19.3 MB Cat left arm.stl
4.81 MB Cat main Body.stl
55.1 MB Cat right arm.stl
5.22 MB


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