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She is Glory and when she was young she was a gymnast with a great future ahead, but a terrible accident caused great damage to her spine and left her hospitalized and in great pain.

Her family was very poor, her parents, seeing her daughter in such a vulnerable position at such a young age were forced to accept money of dubious origin to cover the medical expenses and the costly surgery that her daughter had to undergo to soothe her pain. When it was time to collect, her parenta had to give their lives as payment for the great debt they had acquired, not knowing that their little daughter was also going to have to pay a very high price for their decisions. Seeing the innate athletic abilities of the girl, the organization decided to train her as a weapon and so, with each hit, she could pay for each implant in her body and one day maybe buy her freedom.

Abilities: - Very fast and elastic, good reflexes and trained in Parkour and Boxing. - Her knucles have metal covers that can produce 3 large discharges of the energy stored in her bag. -She can recharge energy with the solar panels in her sleeves or generating static.

Weaknesses: -Her energy is limited; When she uses 3 consecutive discharges her bag would go into emergency mode and she would have only 3 minutes to recover some energy before her implants stop transmitting electrical pulses to the nerves in her column and begin to feel an immense pain again. This model was designed to be printed on a Form 1+ or Form 2 3D Printer. 100 microns. Everything else is already setup on the files provided. If you like my work i hope you can support me by buying this model and the ones to come. Thank you so much!

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