Wild Spaces Base Builder Game- Terrain + basic rules (Beta 0.1)

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Five thousand years into our future and a distant planet is erupting into war. This game is designed to invoke the concepts of RTS games, with each player bringing a list of buildings to the game from which they are able to spawn units and take thier side to victory.

The rules follow a simple order of operations that should allow anyone to play quickly, but with units and terrain having effects that add a layer of depth to a mechanically simple game.

In this set of files there is: game instructions three types of 4x4 tiles 6 building types rubble tiles resource piles

This collection contains all the terrain you require to play with, but I would like to add more terrain with new effects on the board and the units around them in the future, as well as new designs for boards and already existing buildings.

If you have any ideas for improvements or changes, or have any queries, please leave a comment.

Design Files

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8x8 T.stl
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Basebuilding combat game.pdf
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large building 2.stl
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large building1.stl
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medium building.stl
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resource pile.stl
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8x8 road.stl
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factory .stl
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