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Summary Welcome to my Slice of Thingiverse and if you have been here before Welcome back. This is an Add On Set for Deapool or my Other Trophies I did for my Good Friend 3D Maker Noob. I Decided to add more of that Fun Loving Deadpool Humor. You Can print as a whole or Mix it up with the Other Trophies. The Darts come Separate so you can add them where ever you like. Hope you have fun Printing and please use #Deadpool3DP if you want to share them with me. Print Settings Printer: RenRen3D Flash Pro Rafts: Doesn't Matter Supports: Yes Resolution: Personal Preference Infill: Personal Preference Notes: You will need to use a Raft if printing the Files separately to assemble yourself. The Darts come with a flat tab so they can be printed standing up. The Photo is Blank so you can Add Text or stencil something cool what ever you do just remember to have fun and get creative. Post-Printing Adding Darts When you print out the Darts you will need to remove the tabs to stick them to the board. Use a pair of Flush Cuts and sand the tips just to be on the safe side.

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