Deadpool's Ummm Tooshie!


Summary Welcome to my Slice of Thingiverse and if you have been here before Welcome back. This is a Sculpt of Deadpool's Butt Thanks again to my Good Friend 3D Maker Noob I was Challenged/Requested by Lady Muse. He asked for a bit of Deadpool Humour and Lady Muse wanted something for the ladies. So I added Deadpool's Sweet A** to my Trophy Hunt Series. Print yourself a Trophy like Kraven "may?" lol have in his Man Cave. Oh and as I side note that is a Bullet Hole not a Butt Hole. Peace Out! Print Settings Printer: RenRen3D Flash Pro Rafts: Doesn't Matter Supports: Doesn't Matter Resolution: Personal Preference Infill: 0-10% Notes: Simplify3D was telling me it could be printed with 0% infill but I'd say try at 10% just to be safe. :D I hope you enjoy this and please hit me up and tell me if you like the idea of seeing more Comic Hero/Villain Trophy Heads. How I Designed This Deadpool's (cough) Booty was Sculpted in Zbrush

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