Venom Marvel Character


Summary Welcome To my little slice of Thingiverse. Here is My Sculpt of Venom from the SpiderMan Universe. I do not own the rights to Venom this is Purely Fan Art. Print Settings Printer: RenRen3D Flash Pro Rafts: Doesn't Matter Supports: Yes Resolution: Personal Preference Infill: 10% Notes: He will need supports at the moment but I am planning on releasing a Dual Colour print that will be optimised to print without supports. I hope you enjoy and please share your Print Pics with me please. :D How I Designed This Venom was Sculpted in ZBrush This Venom Scukpt was inspired by @TheCreatorx3D over on Twitter after he posted up a picture of his amazing Venom Mask Build. It started as a Speed Sculpt to get my mind out from Gorilla Sculpting mode but I enjoyed it so much I finished him for printing.

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