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Summary Welcome Back those of you who have been here before and for all those New to my Art thank you for joining us. I was asked by my good Friend Phil to create a Unicorn for him to print but it had to be an easy print. Go give him a Follow on Twitter Challenge Accepted - Challenge Completed but I'll let you Guys and Girls be The Judge of that. Now I have once or Twice been referred to as a Bronie by my Daughters but MLP Friendship is Magic kicks butt. Awesome Character Designs and Personalities and whats not to love about Discord. Anyway this is Loosely based on the MLP Characters but no-one in Particular so she Can be how ever you want her to be. I considered Sculpting a Cutie Mark too but decided to leave it out so if you wanted to add your own there wouldn't be sanding or filling to be done. :D Print Settings Printer: RenRen3D Flash Pro Rafts: Doesn't Matter Supports: No Resolution: 0.2mm Infill: 0%+ Notes: Printed on a few Printers to test and will print in about 1:30hrs+ depending on settings. Will print at 100% Size with 100% infill between 4-5hrs. Purple Pongo Print Was Printed at 175% No-Supports No-Infill 2 Shells and 0.15mm Layer Height Printed in about 8 hrs. How I Designed This Sculpted in Zbrush mostly on Live Stream. I Sculpted this Model in Zbrush while Live Streaming with my good Friend Ryan Derouchie also goes by I'mPrint on most Social Media Platforms.

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