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Via is an ordinary  gamer girl  who spends most of her time in front of the computer, until one day she came across a headset that can bring her virtually on the battlefield  around the world in the past. In this virtual world, Via must complete the different missions that are given through the headset. Via can use any weapon she imagined to accomplishing its missions. When she dies or fails in her mission, she was not really dead, but its failure can change the current timeline. Not only that , lately she found out that she was not the only player in this virtual world.


I made a Via into separated files, in case someone wants to print it on a larger scale, but you can also print Via a whole (without base and weapons) by using file Via_Merged_no_weapon_no_base.stl

Enjoy :)

Design Files

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Hand R.stl
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Hand L.stl
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Base 1.stl
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Base 2.stl
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Feet L.stl
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Feet R.stl
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