Summary Saw a few Dragon fly's on here but none really to my liking as I had to get mine out fast, for a mothers day present. Printed really well despite there being way too many errors in the stl file, but it printed fine at 100% scale. One-piece print with supports touching the base, the legs are delicate, I ran this at 60mm/s, with a 'tweak' at 15mm to slow the print speed right down (40-50%) so it can print the legs correctly. I had to superglue a spring in as I snapped one off during de-support, sad face. Print Settings Printer: Duplicator i3 Rafts: No Supports: Yes Resolution: 0.1 Infill: 15% Notes: Print wings down! (legs up) Slow the print speed DOWN after 15mm. How I Designed This For the body, I created a loft with two open profiles and 5 open loop guide curves, this gave me 1/4 of the model, mirrored in x and y & offset to create 3 more lofts which were then merged, gaps all over the place, but that's how I wanted my dragon fly's body to look with the spikes at the end, this gave rise to all the errors and knit surface just wan't happening. Wings were boss extrudes with extruded spline cuts, mirrored in x. The Eyes are 2 separate revolves. The Legs are 2.5mm circles perpendicular (top and right plane respectively) with connecting 3D sketches, first time I've used these for a physical print / model. They weren't too bad once the angles were neat.(this took the most time) 3 legs are then mirrored in x.

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