Vinyl Deck + Speaker Rings, D & B themed.

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Summary One piece prints, which need support & raft. Current Scale is OVERSIZED for details, 25 mm - 26.5 mm internal diameter. (scaling down to 78% fits great on smaller fingers) You may need to run a couple of test prints to get a custom fit for your finger. Multi-Part File included for the turntable. - the vinyl file will require some post processing (drilling) for a nice snug fit into the deck. Print Settings Printer: Duplicator i3 Rafts: Yes Supports: Yes Resolution: 0.1-0.2 Infill: 30% Notes: I put everything on a raft after 2 failed prints on the larger rings, The turntable arm (tarm) was printed by itself with no raft or support, 180deg flip, 1 x shell 100% infil. Happy Slicing. (& sanding/polishing if you use a metal fil!)

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