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A cartoon version of Karl Childers from the iconic movie Slingblade, starring Billy Bob Thornton. This model was created in Blender 2.77, and the STL file was checked using NetFabb prior to uploading.   The model is quite large at 10.02 inches (254.51 mm) tall with a print volume of 50.88 cu-in (833.77 cu-mm).  It was designed for the TAZ-5 printer (and has been printed (black ABS at 240°C nozzle/100°C bed with PEI coating), although I have no high-quality images of the print due to a Compact Flash memory card error in my Canon 7D... all apologies). I have not included support material for this object, as everyone prefers different methods of print support, and I have no idea what sort of printing technology you might be using.  However, this model DOES require support material in several areas. He's quite a loveable character, both in the movie and in 3d-printed version.  I have to smile every time I see him sitting on top of my 3D printer.  :)  Have fun... isn't that the point?!  :) Thanks, everyone!       

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