Luke Skywalker shared stunt lightsaber v3

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This is a Luke Skywalker shared stunt lightsaber v3. This was the lightsaber used to duel Darth Vader in ROTJ(Return of the Jedi). This is a perfect and accurate representation of the exact original prop used on film. This lightsaber consists of 7 pieces that will interlock together. And there's also instructions included into the file to help out. The lightsaber will allow you to use a real Graflex clamp and the accurate 8 stripe circuit board along with the set screw as well just as the original did and a hole on the pommel for a D-ring. 

Design Files

File Size orientation of part 1 hilt.jpg
70.1 KB orientation of part 2 handle.jpg
59.3 KB orientation of part 3 ribbed section.jpg
60.2 KB orientation of part 4 above ribbed section.jpg
65.3 KB orientation of part 5 large cylinder.jpg
42.8 KB orientation of part 6 beam end.jpg
89.9 KB light saber Part 1 Hilt 3 29 2016.stl
586 KB light saber Part 2 Handle 3 29 2016.stl
184 KB light saber Part 3 Ribbed Section 3 29 2016.stl
1 MB light saber Part 4 above ribbed section 3 29 2016.stl
213 KB light saber Part 5 larger cylinder 3 29 2016.stl
124 KB light saber Part 6 beam end 3 29 2016.stl
271 KB saber instructions.txt
1.04 KB light saber 3D model fully assembled 3 29 2016.jpg
122 KB saber shown from beam end.jpg
104 KB saber shown from hilt end.jpg
95.4 KB light saber Part 7 beam flange 3 29 2016.stl
323 KB orientation of part 7 beam flange.jpg
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