SpinSpinSpin, the BEARING-LESS Fidget Spinner


Summary Update: New Spinner! Spinspinspin G1 CLASSIC edition. ~A LONG while back when I printed the first prototypes of the sss G1, I designed them with text on the side to make it easier to identify them. So, I put the model number on two sides of the spinner, and just for fun, I made it in two colors. The story I love those little fidget spinners and all, but they are either way too overpriced, require parts I, or most people don’t have handy on them (Bearings). SO, I got myself thinking, are the bearings truly necessary? Well, this thing challenges that Argument. These fidget spinners were designed to print altogether in one part, and are so simple to make! the steepest overhangs within the designs themselves are only about 45 degrees; so any printer can make these! These spinners were designed by Me, and they consist of two parts, the inner and outer piece. The outer piece has a sharp corner around the inside edges of the circle, and the inner piece has slightly smaller grooves that are printed in place in between the corner, and due to the orientation of the print, they spin freely without bearings or lube. (though lube can be added for longer spin times.) As you may notice, These spinners are slightly smaller than other spinners, but despite their size, they’re a lot of fun, and they kill boredom with ease. Their size is just a special characteristic that makes them unique. ~MSR -Make. Share. Repeat. If any of you are able to make a spinner, It would mean the world to me if you could submit your print, and include your opinion. Anything helps to improve this thing! -Matthew

Print Settings Printer Brand: Robo 3D Printer: R1 ABS + PLA Model Resolution: .2 Infill: 20-100% 

Notes: Any resolution works, although the thinner the better. No support is needed. Post-Printing How to make the spinner. There are three simple steps to make this spinner.

Click Print. Pull off printer

And step three? Oh, wait, THERE IS NO STEP THREE! Right after you pull it off it will immediately be free, and will spin. Another thing that you could do is to put some sand in between the moving parts. Not much mind you, but a tiny amount will actually improve spin times after using the spinner with sand for a little bit. (This is incredibly unnecessary and spins fine off the printer for usual fidgeting needs.) NOTE: All these notes apply to all the spinners!

I originally designed the spinners in TinkerCAD BETA, and the new CLASSIC edition is a redesign from 123D. Not too different from the ordinary G1 though.

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