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Summary Do you have a PP3dP Up! Mini? Have you ever thought that the extruder looked unfinished, or needed something? Well this is my solution! A cover for the extruder assembly for the Up! Mini! Just click, Print, and snap onto the top of the extruder assembly by the circuit board on your Mini. Print Settings Printer Brand: Up! Printer: Up Mini Rafts: Doesn't Matter Supports: Doesn't Matter Resolution: Varies from one's choice. Infill: 100% - 75% Notes: I recommend PLA for the object, but ABS+ can work too. Post-Printing Tips for more consistent reliability from your Up! Mini To ensure consistent reliability, before I Execute the Print-Job, I always initialize, withdraw & extrude the filament, and THEN execute the Job. How I Designed This I used TinkerCAD to design this object

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