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Summary I wanted a good way of displaying my collection of Lego Minifigs, so made this very simple model, essentially just a lego brick with (surprisingly sharp!) spikes on the back to press into a corkboard. 4 sizes are inlcuded. If you want any other sizes, I've included the OpenSCAD source They're quite rebust once they're in, easily holding Skimbals's Jumbo Minifig. Print Settings Printer: Think3DPrint3D Mini Kossel Rafts: No Supports: No Resolution: 0.3 (makes it a quick print) Infill: Any (I used 15%) Notes: The sharp points can curl if the print doesn't stick to the bed very well, or it's printed too fast. Take it slow for the first couple of layers, or add a brim if you still have problems.

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