Hictop Prusa I3 Print Table Leveling Calibration Tool


Summary This is a print table leveling/calibration system I have developed for setting up my printer. The Z-axis is blocked in place with the green height setting pieces. These are made to raise the print nozzle high enough that it clears the print table surface so the extruder assembly can be moved to the center of its travel to get it out of the way. I printed both of the green blocks at the same time ensure equal height. The pointer and attachment bracket are set up for 3mm diameter machine screws. The bracket clips on the 8mm linear rods of the X-axis and pointer height is set at the "home" corner for the extruder nozzle. The pointer is simply lowered to rest on the surface of the print table and the screws tightened. Once the initial setting is made the pointer assembly is moved to the opposite side of the X-axis and the corner opposite to the "home" corner height is adjusted. Pull the print bed forward and repeat level setting for the aft two print table corners. See photos for visual instruction. Print Settings Printer Brand: RepRap Printer: Prusa I3 Rafts: Doesn't Matter Supports: No Resolution: .15mm

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