3d Jointed Puppy Dog

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Summary Meet Charlie, my articulated / jointed puppy that prints in one piece. Thanks to everyone who has downloaded and added Charlie to their collection. The response has been amazing and I'm so happy you guys like him. Special thanks to TobyCWood for creating a version of the puppy which is hopefully more compatible with everyone's printers. It is posted under the "Thing Files." Special thanks to thingiverse for adding Charlie to their featured collection! Two paws up! Charlie was featured on 3DPrint.com. Thanks Scott for writing such a cute and witty article: http://3dprint.com/57784/3d-printable-jointed-puppy Video of Movement: https://youtu.be/zWRu5NSaf0w To see my other designs http://jazmy.com/products/ I did a remake with Charlie lying down to hopefully reduce the amount of support structures.

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