35mm Film to 120 Spool Adapter

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Do you have a 120 film camera? Want to shoot images with the sprocket holes exposed? Want to shoot specialty films that are not available in 120 format? If so, or you just like to play with film, these adapters are for you. These were designed for the Flyer 6x6 camera developed as a result of the Pinhole Printed Kickstarter project (pinholeprinted.com) but can be used in any 120 medium format camera.

Proven design in use by photographers, this adapter centers 35mm film onto a 120 format spool. There are two parts for the top and bottom of the 35mm film canister. This adapter is perfectly matched to the 120 spool for 35mm, which is at pinshape.com/items/3162-3d-printed-120-takeup-spool-for-35mm-film.

I prefer the Shapeways version for accuracy and durability, but if you download and print your own on a filament printer, you will need to use 50%+ infill, and you may need to do some trimming.

Do not force adapters on. Make sure the splines are aligned and if tight, trim/sand or wiggle on carefully. The splines may need to be trimmed to fit Kalt bulk loading canisters and some others.

The hole for viewing the film number (usually a red window) on the camera must be taped over with black gaffer's tape or some suitable opaque tape to avoid back side exposure of the film. You will need to wind blindly about 1-1/2 turns at the beginning and taper down to 1-1/4 turn at the end. Most medium format cameras have no rewind, so you will need to unload the film in a darkroom or changing bag and manually rewind the 35mm film back into its canister. When processing, specify "process only" and "do not cut" and cut the film yourself.

If you do not have a 3D printer or have it tied up with other things, check at http://www.pinholeprinted.com/order/35mm-film-to-120-spool-adapter/ for alternatives.

This is CC by SA 3.0 - this means anyone can freely print or even sell the adapters - but you must provide attribution if you do so.

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