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Summary This is an hard job, guys!!! I love classic robots and I decided to create a real iconic product as the SPACE FIGHTER of HORIKAWA, very expensive to buy, actually. Here you have ALL the parts to re-create a Robot Horikawa style, a classic vintage toy from 70's, made in japan. I reconstructed all the parts optimizing them for 3D printing, to reach the best quality result. All the parts are ready to be printed and well positioned in a flat plane to start immediately with your specific Slicer software. If you want it in a big size, you should have to separate the parts in a multiple print. The original one was 30 cm tall. You also need some screw to assemble the body and a little quantity of glue (cianoacrylate) to assemble the arms and the head. The front doors open, but I still have to make the interior. All the parts are ready to join and I put all the tollerances you'd need to make it move easily. Instructions Please check the right position for each generating part. I put it in an exploded view to let you understand the best way to print them, almost without supports when possibile.

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