Z-EDDY the Micromake Z-probe (E3D V5) (Fits Afinibot etc.?)


Accurate hinged Z-probe using/recycling the original Micromake parts! Will likely fit Afinibot or other printers with similar extruder carriage also. Check the picture if the extruder case is the same :) . (Can also use other micro switches with 9.5mm bolt hole spacing, but optimized button placement for the chinese delta printer style normal switch)

Need to print both and supply the bolts (Usually some extra ones comes with the kit), also need to bend carefully the metal part on the micro switch over to the other side, it will snap off when moved back and forward and over bend, use normal file if too high metal part is still visible). 

Bolts needed are: Hinge M3 x20mm, Top M3 x8mm (or 2x M2.5mm) and M3 x12mm ,  Micro switch 2x M2.5 bolts.

Lock bolt thread for the original hinged design added, also tighten the original M5 hinge bolt so the nozzle will not flex anymore. If you have 2 x M2.5 mm extra bolts these can be used on the original holes also. Usually you need to make one hole for the bottom m3 bolt to your extruder. Hole size 2.5 mm will self thread with M3 on plastic.

Microswitch wire needs re-soldering from post NC to NO (Normally Closed to Normally Open), these are marked on the switch and the one without markings is common pad for both operation types.

Hidden wire routing, height adjustment for longer nozzle's, switch button is straight under the nozzle and will eliminate delta flex etc.

Clamp must be printed with enough thick perimeter/wall settings in slicer software, check the slicer software preview for layering and adequate Wall,Top,Bottom thicknesses. Clamp Will snap otherwise.

Also if the clamp is too tight use file to get some material off from the clamp nib. Fine adjust when needed by hand. Design lenght for the nib is 1 mm. PLA will flex only approx 0.5 mm before snapping. 

Be careful, no extra force needed :)

Has fine adjustment bolt for probe height micro adjustment ( Before calibration check that nozzle is clean from plastic residue and bolt hits the aluminium heat block on the E3D V5 or similar print head. Adjust the micro adjustment bolt so that there is about 0.5-1 mm between top of the bottom hinge and the nozzle tip).

Please check Facebook and Micromake group for Cura settings and auto leveling info or some other forums.

The design is tested for +-0.01 mm measurement accuracy on repeated bed tests (Micromake pulley printer with pulley plates, rod springs, x-braces). Just tighten the hinge bolt so that the bottom part stays against the nozzle adequately during the auto calibration process. Then just snap it back on the holder after auto calibration is finished. Total measurement accuracy will depend on all other factors too (Rod/rod bearing and pulley flex etc.)

Recommended print settings for silver 1.75 mm PLA

Filament temp 200'C

Bed Temp 55'C

Fill overlay 15-20%

Layer height 0.25mm, width 0.3mm (Or better resolution)

Wall, Top, Bottom thickness 1.8mm or similar(Important, approx. +1.5mm recommended depending the slicer software.)

Fill approx 25% or more

Full guarantee or money back for the files. The design is currently in use and working nicely.  

No need to buy expensive probes! 

PS: Recommend using normal file, drill bits etc. for cleaning/fine adjustment on the prints depending on your settings and slicer software. .STL Files are adjusted for normal +-0.1 mm print accuracy. Please contact if any trouble and I will assist the best I can.

Check the 3D pictures for the latest version, bottom part has been refined a little for looks/printability.

 Happy Probing  :)

Other parts in pictures and credits:

Effector by mooninman from thingiverse, fits this design and can recommend it!

Fan angle plate by boeydaniel, thingiverse. Great product also!

PPS: When printing large and wide prints please check it does not hit the bed clamps. Stock clamps are really big and might interfere some when printing max bed size prints. This is also problem with stock parts if using the supplied bed "springs". For best performance and wide prints please search alternative bed attachment parts.

Design Files

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