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Shower soap dish designed to clip onto the riser rail of the shower.  Originallyi designed this dish specifically for the dimensions of my shower which has a cylindrical riser rail 21.9mm in diameter. In order to scale the dish so that the clip grasps the rail securely, measure the diameter, in mm, of your own shower rail then divide it by 21.9 and use the answer as the scale factor of the print. eg (your show rail's diameter is 25mm) / 21.9 = (1.14 the scale factor to print at) 

As u can see from the picture this soap dish is a bit on the small side so bare this in mind if you have to scale it down more than a little. 

NOTE: I would recommend NOT using PLA if possible. I've found the hook tends to break after a matter moths. I suspect PLA as a biodegradable plastick is being adversely affected by the environment of the shower. My ABS soap dish is still going strong. 

UPDATES: 31.01.16: soap dish 02. same basic design but has a thicker, more robust hook also has a rounded bottom edge. It still shouldn't require any support structure but perhaps a little sanding. 20.02.16 oops! the 02 version update had a smaller diameter so the scaling formula wouldn't have worked. I have now corrected this so thy have the same diameter grasp.

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