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Just something I created while playing around with Openscad. Making something useful wasn’t really the object of the exercise but I’ve included some code that gives you the option to close and flatten one end so it can be used as a container (see photos). I have to say the finished print is really pleasingly tactile :-)

The tube is created by generating spheres in an upward spiralling sequence. There’s whole bunch variables to change so go have a play and create your own remixes :-)

The Openscad file can be downloaded from:

The attached stl file has been optimized for ease of upload and download. The original was created at high resolution ($fn=80) and was 120 MB in size and took more than 6 hours to render.

The second stl file is solid so it can be printed in "Vase" mode (or "SPiralize Outer Contour" mode if your a Cura user, like myself). I edited the mesh outside of openscad to create this file but I'll update the code soon, so it will be an option within the scad file itself, in the future.

As always if you do make one pleas do share a photo of your make. thanks

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Sphere tube 03 opt.stl
14 MB
Sphere tube 03 SPiralize Outer Contour.stl
8.77 MB


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