Combination Safe 00 - for the Visually Impaired

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This is a remix of Combination Safe 00. 

With this remix I have tried to make my original cryptex more accessible to the visually impaired, that said, not all the changes exclusively benefit to the blind or partially sighted. The ratchet mechanism makes it easier for any user to line up the numbers precisely. I would welcome any feedback from visually impaired users. 

Key Modifications: 

1) New outer ring with braille characters 0-9 or a-j if u choose to read it that way. 

2) The Inner_Ring and Inner_Shaft have been modified to work as a ratchet. This means the rings only rotate one way but if turned in the opposite direction the ratchet will hold the rings at precise increments, making it easy to line-up the numbers. The ratchet also makes a pleasing clicking sound as it rotates, this means its possible to simply count the clicks as you turn the ring rather than constantly having the feel for the braille characters. 

3)There are two versions of both the Bottom and the Inner_Shaft. The standard version and Gide Bar (GB) version, the later features two bars indicating where the combination is to go.

Assembly Instruction (See original).

Backward Compatibility In addition to the "key modifications" I've have made a number of othere small changes. As a result the only components that can be interchanged between the original Combination Safe 00 and this remix are the: Outer_Rings, Bottom_Lock and the Locking_Tool.

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