Newton's Apple Zero Gravity Tool Case

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Hello, here is my particiaption for the #Space Design Contest !!! You can download  my completely printable project

My design like an Apple, in reference to the story when Isaac Newton was suddenly awake by one of those fruits, falld from a tree. Then, he analysed this phenomen, and had the secret intuition of the earth gravity. I think Humor is important when I design some objects, so for this nice Pinshape's contest my proposal takes the opposite of what astronauts are living in the space : this apple will float in orbit !

My Idea is a multi tool case, divisible in three parts, to embark with usefull little tools like a "Photon Light"  * (Tiny led lamp and spare battery), adapter and screwdriver bits, a small wooden pencil, Post-it ... and even an USB key !!!

* :

To finish,  I would like to thank the various partners: Pinshape, Made In Space, ZYYX 3D Printer, MatterHackers, Shining 3D and finally Astronauts, for whom we had to create  some design objects. I was very pleased to take up the challenge that was proposed. I took the greatest care at each step to get the best possible product: reflection on the contribution of 3D printing and its technical constraints, sketches, modeling, printing of the 3 objects, taking photo. So, I hope that the result will please you, organizers of this magnificent event. The reality should join the virtual if astronauts will try my "Newton's Apple Case" model, as the synthesis imagery published on the web page of this project. I would be very happy if my design pleases them. Pearhaps, they will print it on space with a 3D printer aboard a space station !!!


1) Print the "...HEART" , "...LEFT" and "...RIGHT"  parts. Be careful at  the "Tips and parameters for a good print result" section

Remove the brim and the support material. Be careful of the threads at each piece. You can  assembly those three parts by screwing slowly the left and the right part on the heart !!! After 4 or 5 times, the thread will be very good, then you can scew normally the parts together.

2) Print the "...LEAF" , and the  "...TAIL" parts. (you have the choice for the Tail, open or closed, according to your needs aboard the orbital station !!!

Remove the brim and the support material. Be careful of the threads at the "TAIL" part. You have to  insert the Leaf before the tail, so screw the tail through approximatly lenght of 5 millimeters.

3) Print the 3 compartnement  (the middle will be printed In one go (there is a mobile part pre-assembled, find there))

Remove the  small walls on the middle compartment,  bottom of the main body and the rotating part for the USB Key. Supports are designed : you don't have to choose supports on your slicer. For a better printable model, I use the 45 degrees rule, and the bridge capacity of 3D printers. We must use extraordinary possibilities of this fabulous tool, no ?

Place the middle compartment in the middle of the apple, and screw the tail of the apple further than in step number 2. Paste the compartments of the left and right parts with a little epoxy resin.

4) Place all of the objects you need on your expedition, and  leave for Mars or other galaxies !!!

Tips and parameters for a good print result :

All the parts are optimized for those settings :

(I think these are the most widespread features currently on large public machines and RepRap machines manufactured at home. I hope to soon be able to test more accurate prints with a beautiful printer and beautiful filaments ;-)

Nozzle diameter : 0.35 mm or 0.4 mm

Layer Height : 0.2 mm or 0.1 mm

Wall Thickness : 0.7 mm or 0.8 mm

Infill : 20 pc

Top and Bottom Thickness : 0.6 mm

Brim : YES / Width 10 mm

Support : YES  (not for "Newton's Apple Space Case HEART" and "Newton's Apple Middle Compartment" files (the last has their own supports that I've designed, you must have to remove thoses supports (0,4 mm thickness only)) / Touching bed / Lines / Overhang Angle : 45° / Fill Amount : 15 / Distance XY : 0.8 mm / Distance Z : 0/0 mm


Design Files

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Newton's apple Space Case HEART.stl
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Closed Apple TAIL.stl
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Newton's Apple LEFT Compartment.stl
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Newton's Apple RIGHT Compartment - for family or friend's Frame -.stl
301 KB
Newton's Apple Middle Compartment.stl
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Newton's Apple Space Case RIGHT.stl
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Newton's Apple Space Case LEFT.stl
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Newton's Apple Space Case LEAF.stl
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Apple Tail V2.stl
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