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I have designed this railing for my RC Garage top floor. It can be used as a barrier arm, Ladder (If you cut the top off) ETC. Up to you the possibilities are endless. The dimensions are 20cm Long (200mm), 4.5cm High (45mm). Please see the picture which was my inspiration. Also this is not perfect as i am still learning. It may require sanding / holes drilling out better. I have designed this so it will accommodate 3mm screws for the feet. You can also use glue, double sided tape etc. Up to you. I have just added V2 Legs. 1 individual or 5 in a group. The V2 Legs have a 6mm hole in the base so the screw will go in and sit flat. (Please note i haven't printed the V2 only the 1st ones as i just drilled the 6mm hole) I printed mine in white them painted using Tamiya spray paints.

--Print Settings-- Printer: XYZ DaVinci 1.0 

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No Notes: These are the settings I printed with. Material: ABS Infill type: Rectilinear 3D Density: low (10%) Layer Height: 0.3 Shells: Normal Speed: Standard Support Density: Low Brim: 10

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