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-- King / Grand Hauler Font Holder --

Not to sure what this part is called but I am naming it "Front Holder" . This is the part the goes on the Grand? and King hauler that the bumper screws into and connects to the sub frame. I drilled into the original part and broke some off. I couldn't be bothered buying another tree just for 1 part so I built one the same. Also I wanted to add a small hinge on the front so the front body part where the motor goes tilts. There is a gap for up to a 3mm hinge. Please see the image of the Tamiya manual on where this goes.

17/5/17 - Just printed and uploaded images of completed model and original Tamiya part. Please note I had to use supports to make it print on my printer hence the squiggly line parts that I haven't tided up.

I hope this helps others.

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