Zero Gravity Maze


A three dimensional maze to use in zero gravity! the objective is to bring to the end of the three paths the three spheres placed at the center of the maze. When you can't relay on gravity to move them, you have to use inertia, but the three spheres should move synchronously along the paths, otherwise they will never get together at the top. you can spin the maze left or right, and accelerate it down or up. can you be precise enough to solve it?   

The maze is designed to be printed without support material. Even the "C" shaped paths don't need any post processing. This version is designed for 5.5mm spheres. Three spheres are placed inside the paths through the holes in the handle. After that a ring slide up to close the entrances, snapping in a small ring on the handle. There is a small gap between the handle and the ring and this allows the printer to print everything at the same time, and the user to easily detach it after all.

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