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According to some anecdotal evidence, Mars isn't the kind of place to raise kids. Something about the weather. But I say maybe the problem is the inability to play board games during those cold-as-heck nights.  And how are you going to play board games with dice flying all over the place. They never land, so they can never be read. What you need... is


Just 3D print in your NASA approved print-in-space 3D printer. The design does need some minimal supports, but only under the underside lips, no matter what the slicer handles because the rest is just bridging, which you know the bridging while 3D printing in microgravity is amazing. If your slicer doesn't have the ability to customize supports, STLs with supports built in are included.

Once printed get 8 of those little neodymium magnet balls that you're supposed to keep away from children. You can usually "borrow" some from the desk of that one guy in the office who's got all the toys on his desk. There's always one of those guys, even in space. Snap the magnets into the corners, then lightly toss the dice at any metallic surface (and in space what isn't metallic?) and watch them stick on a random side. 

These dice do introduce a small problem when you need to roll two of them. As soon as their in your hand they tend to snap together, locking their positions relative to each other in place. This might not be a big problem, but depending on the polarity of the magnets when you snapped them in they may resist certain alignments, so it's best to avoid the problem all together and roll them two handed. Unless you're playing Yatzee, in which case, you've used 40 of those little magnets and chances are the guy you're "borrowing" them from may start to notice his supply dwindling. 

Hard core board game people may ask if these dice are fairly distributed and even, to which I say "You're rolling dice in space! Does nothing impress you?!"

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