MILOSAURUS Chess Symbols Chess Set

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An original chess set design based on the conventional chess piece symbols. Your download will include: 

- 3D-printable Stereolithography (STL) files for king, queen, rook, bishop, knight, and pawn 

- High quality digital images of your new chess set. Perfect for desktop backgrounds! 

Questions? email us at [email protected]

Design Files

File Size

symbol queen v2.5.STL
1.43 MB
symbol bishop v2.STL
604 KB
symbol king v2.STL
4.09 MB
symbols glass 2.JPG
836 KB
symbols plastic 2.JPG
449 KB
symbol rook.STL
27.4 KB
symbol knight.STL
150 KB
symbol pawn.STL
232 KB
symbols brass and copper.JPG
922 KB


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