MILOSAURUS Shatranj Ancient Chess Set (with chess symbols)


This chess set will take you back in time to the birth of the game itself! The beloved strategy game that traveled through India, Persia, and the Arabic Empire more than a thousand years ago is now in your hands with this simple yet elegant set designed based on recovered artifacts. For your convenience, the modern chess piece symbols are carved into the front and back of each piece.  Your download will include:  - 3D-printable Stereolithography (STL) files for king/shah, queen/fers, rook/rokh, bishop/pil, knight/asb, and pawn/sarbaz - High quality digital images of your new chess set. Perfect for desktop backgrounds!  Questions? email us at [email protected]

Design Files

File Size

shatranj set.stl
16 MB bishop (pil).STL
1.19 MB king (shah).STL
346 KB knight (asb).STL
995 KB pawn (sarbaz).STL
1.3 MB queen (fers).STL
698 KB rook (rokh).STL
169 KB set 2.JPG
487 KB set 3.JPG
687 KB set 4.JPG
649 KB


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