Food grater/slicer


Summary Semi-useful for shredding or making ribbons out of not-too-hard and not-too-soft foods. (Too soft, and it gets destroyed by cranking action, too hard and it won't cut - this is plastic, not metal). Attach knob using M3 screw and two nuts. Glue either "xholder" or "spiked holder" (only for harder stuff) onto end of crank after inserting thru pusher. Notch in disc lines up inside retainer ring. Screw ring onto body, insert pusher into body, apply pressure, and crank away. Tested with Japanese cucumber - made some nice curly strings out of it... see photo. More of an exercise than a real useful tool. But give it a shot. Warning! Use at your own risk! Possibility of plastic coming loose into food unknown. Food contamination risk unknown. Injury risk unknown Instructions Body needs supports for handle, but can be printed with .30 layers. All others don't need supports. Holders and slicing disk should be print with .25 or thinner layers. Holder with 50% infill, disk with solid (100%) infill. Depending on your printer, ring may end up messy. Slow down print to 80% or so...

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