Yet another Ravioli Board


Summary After some success with the larger pelmeni maker I uploaded a while back (, I decided to make a similar board for square ravioli that could use pasta sheets rolled out on your garden variety hand cranked or electric pasta machines (as not everyone was gifted innate ability to roll dough 12" wide by 1mm thin - as needed by the other board). Anyway. This works well. I recommend the first layer be slightly thicker so it can stretch without breaking. The other layer can be thinner, but should be thick enough to merge with the first layer around the edges when rolled out. A little water on a pastry brush before adhering them together will help. Print pegs with at least 40% fill or they may break off in the board holes. Pegs should fit snugly when printed with .4mm nozzle. 5/10 - Added 2 "XL" STL files for folks with 180mm wide rollers.

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