ContourHD Skateboard Clamp Mount

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Summary Looking to get a cool wheel shot on your skateboard using a ContourHD or GoPro? Print out this skateboard clamp and mount any camera to your skateboard using a standard 1/4-20 tripod screw. Instructions These instructions are for use with a ContourHD camera. Clearly this design can be modified for other cameras. But my instructions are for a ContourHD and use of it's helmet mount adapter. 1) Download and print this skateboard clamp file 2) Download and print the ContourHD helmet cam mount modification (pending) 3) Retrieve a 1/4-20-0.75 socket headed cap screw 4) Attach clamp with screw to any camera with a standard tripod 1/4-20 mounting point 5) Turn on your camera and start busting manuals!! More photos, instructions and resultant videos can be seen here: Video of the electric skateboard "Z Board" using this skate mount!

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