RC Tanks (no turret)

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Print setting:

1. .2mm layer height with 40% infill. ABS recommended


A fully 3d printed RC tank chasis that use two hobby DC motor, a motor driver and arduin connected to IR sensor. The tank can be controlled using a simple remote control

The tank track consist of individual tracts that are connected to each other using M3*10 screws.

Design Files

File Size

Wheel Axle.stl
18.8 KB
Sprocket V7.stl
132 KB
Back Sprocket.stl
107 KB
Bed Wheel.stl
63.1 KB
Left Side Plate.stl
54 KB
Right Side Plate.stl
54 KB
Motor Axel Holder V3.stl
19.2 KB
Tank Chasis.stl
180 KB
Tank Threads V11.stl
40.5 KB


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