NightBook Holder with LED and Servo


I like camping but it is hard to camp when I love to read, since there are no light that I can use other than my phone (which run out of battery quickly). Therefore, I designed a book holder that use LED to make reading easy in a dark environment, In addition, the portability of this night book holder allows me to read everywhere comfortably.  The book holder has  a servo and LED. that is controlled using Arduino Pro Mini. The servo is used as suspender to hold the current page, and it is activated using a button. I also include button to turn off or on the LED, and I use the 9V battery. The placement of the two buttons make it easy to switch LED/Servo on/off no matter which hand you use.

The holder can be used a book with length of 150 mm to 280 mm and height of 60 mm to 200mm. The Holder is fully adjustable in using the square screw and nut to lock the top and bottom holder.


This Holder consist of 7 separate modules. I use PLA at printing temperature of 210 C, .18mm layer thickness 40mm/sec printing speed, 55 C bed Temperature. It takes about 7 hour to print all seven components. I recommend the printer to have a minimum dimension of 170x170x180.

2. Assemblies:

VIDEO: How To Use it                                                                                  

 VIDEO: Assemblies

The NightBook Suspender consist of 7 parts. Go to my GitHub get the firmware                                           

-Upper holder= Hold the LED mount, electronics, battery, servo, and page suspender

-Bottom Holder=Secure the bottom of the book against the top holder

3. Parts:

The SCHEMATICS for the electronic is on the picture.

-One Arduino Pro Mini 3.3V or 5V

-9V battery and its connector

-5 resistors 

-2 push buttons

-1 M3x30 Screw

-1RGB LED or any LED that can run on 3.3V or 5V

-1 Micro Servo

-Some 1mm-diameter wires

-Solder and soldering Iron

-1 4x6cm PCB

-Super Glue (only for gluing LED into its holder)

Design Files

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